Our Dealers

Rockland Energy is a leading alternative energy source provider of high-quality photovoltaic products. We work with selected dealers who sell our mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline PV modules and thin-film modules for installation in your solar power system.

Rockland Energy’s solar energy installers are the most qualified and professional installers of residential and commercial solar systems in your community. We know because we train them to the highest standards in the industry. In fact, Rockland Energy is the only solar energy installer with an accredited technical training program that ensures continuity, consistency and quality in the delivery of training. We even inspect our dealers’ work to ensure that the highest quality standards are upheld.

Our network of dealers has installed thousands of home and commercial solar energy systems around the country. You can rely on your Rockland Energy dealer to handle all aspects of your residential solar panel installation, including design implementation, Site analysis and system maintenance.

Our other Programmes

Power Consultants Programme

Rockland Energy has effective and attractive programmes for individuals. Join your hands with the most respected organization wherein your efforts are truly recognized with effective financial stability high commission structure.