Different Product ranges available to meet all the customer requirements.

Not every customer needs is same, so we provide the custom designed solutions based on the Energy requirements.


A 1 KW system is sufficient for 2 to 3 bedroom house and it can run lights, fans, TV, refrigerator, computer, etc. To run an air conditioner, washing machine and other heavy loads, a 5 KW system is recommended.

A 2 KW solar power system can suffice the basic load of a household. Such a system will power at least 3 nos of 40 W tube lights, 10 nos of 28 W CFLs, 3 fans, 1 TV and 1 computer thus making you free from load shedding and power cuts.


Our product Key features

  • 1.Reliable solution for your electricity needs at home and office
  • 2.Use energy from Sun to run your lights, fans, computers and TV
  • 3.Fully automated system with auto changeover during
  • 4.power cuts and auto charging of battery
  • Completely integrated power pack
  • 5.Specially engineered inverter with user-friendly digital display
  • 6.Highest quality solar panels, battery and inverter means years of trouble free operation
  • 7.System backed by Rockland Energy warranty for peace of mind
  • 8. Fully manufactured and assembled at ISO 9001 certified plant.

Product Components

Solar Panel Cells
Modules using high conversion efficiency solar poly-crystalline cells.

  • Guaranteed power output with tolerance of ±5%.
  • 25-year limited power output warranty.*
  • Meets IEC 61215/IEC 61730/TUV Safety Class II standards.
  • Front Face: Tempered Glass (Low Iron).
  • Frame: Anodized Aluminium.
  • Junction Box: Weather Proof Nylon 6.
  • All modules are supplied with screw less hollow section frames.
solar-hybridSolar Hybrid Inverter
Custom suggested Inverters by experts as per the Load and Panel sizing
Inverters come with dual charging facility (Solar & AC mains)
5Yrs Warranty
Inverters come with dual charging facility (Solar & AC mains)
5Yrs Warranty

Solar Charge Controller (MPPT Charge Controllers)

Technical Specification (As per MNRE) Rating

  • Input Nominal Voltage     12V
  • Maximum PV Input Voltage     25V
  • Maximum Charging Current     6A
  • Maximum Load Current     6A
  • Idle Current     5mA

Battery Bank
Systems come with manufacturing warranty for five years on Inverter, Battery and Twenty five years on Solar panel.

Note: If you have any different load requirement or backup requirements, we would provide assistance.